Holiday in Italy: in Montefalco , Bed and breakfast , Umbria .B&B Federico II,Montefalco, ringhiera dell'Umbria,

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City: Montefalco (PG)      

Region:Umbria,place: campagna - country

B&B Federico II

Bed and breakfast


Montefalco, ringhiera dell'Umbria, : The B&B Federico II is equipped of one double room with a common bath in with the others members of the family, the inner ones is cures to you and much comfortable and in more, to the occurrence, to a place read for children or who can be added other. The price of the varied room gives? 50 to? 80 to second of the demanded season, in fact, in some periods of the year are an elevated tourist increase in how much, beyond to the optimal open wine cellars all the year, manifestations and attractions of historicocultural rievocazione are carried out: to Passover there is the enologica week, extension market wines D.O.C.G. "typical Montefalco" and products; to August the medieval rievocazione called the "escape of bove" and "montefalchese August" review of shows to cultural character; to september "Harvest in Montefalco" - Festivity of the grape. Call for its position the Railing of the Umbria, Montefalco dominates the width goes them from Perugia to Spoleto. In 1249 it had from the troops of Federico II, but it came endured reconstructed with its puts into effect them name. It was free Common resisted from Consuls, then from a Podestā. From 1320 to 1355 it was center of the curia of the Ducato di Spoleto. From 1383 to 1439 it was submitted to the dominion of the Trinci di Foligno. From 1446 to 1860 it returned under l ' authority of the Church that the free government recognized them, obtaining in the 1848 title it of city.



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Strada Giuseppe Verdi, 64
06036 Montefalco ( PG )



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